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Keep calm and ace your interview.

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Registration deadline: 6th Oct 2021
Submission window: 1st September - 6th October 2021

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Background After meeting a company representative at your college fair last week, you are planning to apply to their Management trainee position. The Company you are applying to is in the food industry and is looking for trainees to learn their business and aid in their growth and expansion.

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Individual Event

Preliminary Round

  1. Participants have to submit a resume that should contain academic related data, strenghts and any other information he/she may consider is necessary to be a part of the resume.
  2. The resume should be in a pdf format and should not exceed 2 pages.

Final Round

  1. 15 short listed resumes will be eligible for an interview.
  2. The judges will ask each candiate common/ uncommon questions in a formal interview set up.
  3. The participants are requested to be dressed in a formal attire.
  4. Each participant will join the video conference individually. The participants will not be able to witness the interviews of fellow participants.
  5. The interview will be for 10-15 minutes.
  6. No personal, political or religious information or opinion shall be given by the participant.

Please note: Rules, regulations and other event details are subject to change.