Here are the submissions from our participants

Entry by Deesha Chawda

K.K.Wagh Polytechnic Nashik (Nashik)

A kid within me sometimes shouts...

Gazing at the sky, waving at the clouds

A kid within me sometimes shouts

What a crazy trend got started ?

Humans love making pouts

Couldn't find the way towards my happiness

I won't navigate, let me take some help from the scouts

People today can't trust each other easily

They look at each other with a thousands of doubts

Who will teach some etiquettes to those in limelight ?

Hearing them is like listening to spouts

The scientific progress can't modify one's behavior

It's like building machines for the louts

Gazing at the sky, waving at the clouds

A kid within me sometimes shouts..

-- Deesha

Entry by Rakhshinda Akhtar

Bckv (Patna) Spot Submission


Reedhi is in doldrum

She doesn't understand

Why no one wants to play with her

Why no one sits beside her

Why no one shares lunch with her

Why no one invite her to birthdays

Why no one befriends her

She inquired her mother

Her puzzled and young mind didn't understand

The silence and tears in her mother's eye

Years passed , Reedhi is all grown up

And now she know the roots of her problem.

Entry by Aastha Harlalka

Oberoi International School, JVLR (Mumbai) Spot Submission

I dwell on the possibility

I dwell on the possibility 

That the world will be rid of hostility, 

Of malice, injustice and intolerable sins, 

That all people will be one friendly kin. 

I dwell on the possibility 

That there will finally be liberty. 

A day when we won’t have to cover up in fear; 

A day when we won’t be blamed for our tears. 

I dwell on the possibility 

That humans will take responsibility, 

And make a change, the choice to save; 

Instead of extract, take and crave. 

I dwell on the possibility 

That we will finally see, 

How petty we can be, how cruel we are; 

That following childish prejudice will not take us far. 

I dwell on the possibility 

That we won’t be shamed for our vulnerability, 

But will be praised for our humanity and courage,

And even those who fail would be applauded and encouraged

I dwell on the possibility 

That the suppressed will find the ability, 

To scream their anger out, to make their voices heard, 

And when they are, they will not be shunned for being “absurd.” 

I dwell on the possibility 

That there will be peace and equality, 

That one day we won’t have to hide in shame, 

And that we will be able to treat each other with dignity, 

Like equals and as the same. 

I dwell on the possibility 

That my dreams of a better world will be a reality, 

That they don’t remain just possibilities; 

So that the human species will reach their highest capabilities. 

Entry by Ritika Kumari

Deshbandhu College, Delhi University (Daltonganj) Spot Submission

Uncanny Phoney

I? I'm a lil' child

And yes, I'm a boy

A boy of 20th century

Finding my life to be a mystery

She talked, teacher chided me

At home,turned to MAA

Why? Why?

Coz I'm a boy

MAA smiles,a shy

She, yes, she, came

As sunshine of joy

But soon,I am defiled

She, deems to be perfect

And me proved to be imperfect

I enter, world so revile

It calls me, harasser, abuser

Still, I fake a smile

I search for equality

And get chiseled in vanity

Here, where sensing is better

Intuition is worse

Being thinker is preferred

Yet, to feel deeper is insane

She says, "Don't Argue "

Or you will assert..

I fear, yes, I fear 'She'

You call me a cynic

Yes, you can, I'm

Coz, my life was not a scenic

Rape, destroyer of ' She '

Soon turned threat for ' Me'

Thought extroversion is bliss

Introversion , a dearth

Realised both are useless

I am eager to speak,

But words choked me,

' She ', speaks the world

Needs the world..

But don't I too deserve

Atleast ,a chance ?

No, Never , stand world

Yes, I was a lil' child

And yes,I was a boy

Just, a boy?

Entry by Suraj Ubarhande

Amravati University (Chikhli)

Be careful

Be careful of your thoughts

As your thoughts become your words

Be careful of your words

As your words become your action

Be careful of your action

As your action become your habits

Be careful of your habits

As your habits become your character

Be careful of your character

As your character become your destiny


                          By : Suraj ubarhande

Entry by Ramsha Siddiqui

National post graduate college lucknow (Barabanki)

             Stereotype- a hunk of inequality.

Sitting on the bench, composed by the sound,

In the midst of a large crowd a boy was found.

Looking up and frequently bending his head down,

Trying to hide those tear marks from the people around.

Even in worst situation his smile is main,

The bigger the curve the more is his pain.

He fakes a smile and covers the truth with a lie,

To fit in a society which says 'boys don't cry'.

The loss he has suffered and those wounds he hide,

His ache and his fears are bound to be kept inside.

Boys are strong from birth he was taught,

Now to stand on these words with his emotions he has fought.

You are a boy, should be hard-headed and stoic he was told,

And now when he is done,you call him impassive and cold.

His eyes will tell you a story of thousands of sleepless nights,

Where he grappled with his thoughts and everytime lost the fight.

Caught in a dilemma, his eyes he daily wipes,

Yes he is another boy burdened by the society and its stereotypes.

Entry by Ashish Sharma

Pt. B.D. Sharma PGIMS (Rohtak)

वो खुश तो है ना

मुझसे थोड़ी दूर ही सही

पर वो खुश तो है ना,

महीनों में दिखती है उसकी झलक

वो अब भी वैसी ही है ना,

उस से फोन पर भी बात नहीं हो पाती

उसकी कॉलर ट्यून तो वहीं है ना,

चॉकलेट से भी करने लगी है परहेज

उसकी तबीयत तो ठीक है ना,

चूमते रहते हैं उसके गालों को बार बार

झुमकों की उस पर बुरी नजर तो नहीं है ना,

वो जो कहेगी सब वैसा ही होगा

उसे मुझ पर यकीन तो है ना,

भूल जाऊंगा उसे खुशी-खुशी

पर उस जैसी कोई दूसरी तो है ना,

मुझसे थोड़ी दूर ही सही

पर वो खुश तो है ना ।

Entry by Shreya Chatterjee

UEM (Kolkata )

The only wish

(The day when there is no war)

"The sun didn't rise that day

Maybe it, too, lacked the power

To spread around cheerful sunrays

In that gloomy hour..."

She recalled the dreadful day

With her eyes shut close.

When hatred overpowered humanity

And a brutal bloodshed arose.

The scars on her cheeks

And her body, which, looked so frail

Echoed an unheard symphony

Of a long forgotten tale.

"I rushed through the alleys

Firmly gripping my son's hand.

All we wanted was to flee

To some far away land.

There wasn't a morsel to eat

There was unimaginable horror everywhere

Dead bodies flooded the wrecked streets

As we looked on in despair...

Their soldiers destroyed our city

For our country had been deafeated

For a piece of icy, barren land

Our joys, we, forfeited.

As we almost reached the gate

I was numb, hearing the fire of a gun...

And that was the last time I saw

My beloved little son... "

"I don't remember what happened then

But it ruined and scarred my life.

For I did not live anymore...

I just survived in a struggling strife..."

"I miss my son dearly," she took a deep breath

"But I don't want him back...

For I can't bear the pain of losing him again

When there's another invasive attack..."

"I wish to see the sun rise," she dried her eyes.

"In lands without borders where no mother is robbed of her child. All that I wish for

Is the day when there is no war."

Entry by Aditi Agrawal

University institute of technology, rgpv (Bhopal )

Sab ka jeene ka

ek tareeka hota hai

tabhi har shaks

khuda ka Karishma hota hai

toheen to bando ka

banaya ek lafz hai

nhi to usne

kab kisi ke daman mein

sikka piroya hai.



Entry by Shivam Mishra

G p k sultanpur (Sultanpur)

1 ).   रहे आसमानों में उड़ते मगर , जमीं को हमने भुलाया नही ....

खुद की आंखो में भले हो आंसू हर पल,

मगर अपनी हरकतों से किसी को रुलाया नही ....

तुझे बनाना है तो बेशक बना ले लाख दूरियां हमसे...!

लेकिन प्यार करना तो मैने मां से सीखा है

नफरत करना तो मां ने सिखाया ही नहीं !!


तेरे बिना ये चाय भी क्या अजब का सितम ढाती है,

कभी होठ जला देती है, तो कभी खुद ठंडी हो जाती है !!

3).  मिलेगी मुझको मंजिल फिर भी कमी रहेगी!

दिल में तेरी चाहत और आंखो में नमी रहेगी।

मेरे पांव के नीचे भले रहे कांच और कांटे ,

पर तेरे क़दमों के नीचे फूलों की जमीं रहेगी!!


गरीब, लाचार, भूखे पेटों  की ये कैसी बेबसी है !

जिनकी हर रात अमावस और हर दिन एकादशी है!!

Entry by Samya Puranik

Mount Carmel College (Bangalore )

sticks and stones

tw: homophobia, bullying, suicide 

a girl at school 

beat me up and said,

“you have two mothers,

with one dead

you will still be well.” 

so i came home 

crying to my mothers.

mother said

“sticks and stones

may break my bones

but words will

never hurt me”.

in words.

then say,

why did those 

words hurt me

more than words  

ever have?

when i said 

my mothers are

being laughed at ;

my mothers are

called things in class,

my teacher said

“sticks and stones

may break my bones

but words will

never break me”

in words.

then say,

why did those 

words break me

more than words  

ever have?

when i told him about

that man who

threatened to

 touch me—

“your moms are gay,

aren’t you too?”

“sticks and stones

may break my bones

but words will

never get to me” 

said my best friend.

in words.

yet. they did hurt me.

these words hurt me.

these words broke me.

these word got to me.

these words brought

my neck closer to the noose.

these words brought 

the blade closer to my wrist.

these words brought

the pills closer to my mouth.

the sticks and stones 

may have been able 

to break my bones

but the words caused 

me permanent damage. 

  1. samya puranik 

Entry by Neha A

Women's Christian college (Pammal)

Entry by Ankita Meher

Prodigy Public School (Kharadi,Pune)

Go Ahead

                        -Ankita Meher

Ding dong bell our day begins,

Wake up in the morning and prepare ourselves,

A few drops of water make us fresh,

Then we are ready to go ahead.

Our garden is full of flowers and trees,

Helps us to make our surrounding clean,

The smell of jasmine flowers makes us awake,

Then we are ready to go ahead.

The morning glory makes us refreshed,

The birds are chirping from their nest,

We truly bond with them,

Then we are ready to go ahead.

One drop of dew looks like a diamond,

One drop of water makes an ocean,

As our journey starts from a little step,

Then we are ready to go ahead.

Morning to night every sight,

Nature’s beauty is in every side,

The dense forest is the animals’ home,

Then they are ready to go ahead.

We are all on our own journey,

So, let’s get ready to give our best, really.

Entry by Uthaya B

Mohammed sathak dasthagir teacher training for education college (Ramanathapuram)

The world is so beauty

when seeing a smile in a kid in street,

Buying things from street vendor,

sharing our knowledge with others,.

Non judgemental listening of unknown person

caring smile when peering strangers...

Collection of things in stationary...

Our old may be new to someone...

The things we throw in trash may be

boon for some..

once thought and taught to little kids

Spending time God gifted child...

Sharing is the another way of caring...

We will move near the heaven...

The caring is the elevator in everyone life...

humanity is the key of kindness

kindness is nothing other than sharing love...

Entry by Sharanya Shetty

Manipal college of pharmaceutical sciences (Manipal )

One gloomy day..

On a bright sunny day,

Outside the medical room waited,

My father, my grandparents,

And my unattended older sister.

 Prayers were chanted,

Offerings to God were done in the minds.

Not able to keep calm,

They paced the corridors,

Of the broken hospital.

My sister sat in the corner,

Pale and hungry,

Waiting for her brother to arrive.

 She wanted a sister to play with,

 But at home they were prepared to welcome a boy.

And then I was born.

My cries filled the labor room,

The sound reached the corridors

Putting a sly smile on their faces.

The cry is loud,

definitely a boy,

shouted my grandmother.

The doctor came out,

The anticipation on their faces clearly visible.

 She said “Congratulations, It’s a girl.

Both, the mother and the child are healthy.”

But nobody seemed to care about the words she spoke.

My sister hid her happiness,

Amidst the disappointment that filled the corridor.

Curses were hurled,

The bright day turned into a gloomy one.

My mother knew,

That they would hate me,

Just like they hate my sister.

I was not allowed to enter home,

And my mother abused.

She finally decided to leave

To give her daughters they deserved.


Entry by Heena Thabasum

Government polytechnic college for women (Coimbatore)

                      Humanity and kindness

Be certain that you do not die.

Without having done

I have always depended

On the kindness of strangers.

Kind words can be short

And easy To speak

But their echoes

Are truly endless

Love and compassion

Are necessities ,not


Them humanity

Cannot survive

What simple profundities

What profound simplicities

To sit down among the tress

And breathe with them

In murmur brool and breeze .

My humanity is still alive

Within me.....

The greatest purpose of

Life is to serve the suffering

Humanity with love

And kindness.

I opened up a book

The title said"Description

of humanity

I took a closer look...

Well dawn no one here had

Any mutality.

I am not impressed by

Money, social status ,or job title.

I am impressed by the way someone

Treads other human beings.

A great man shows

His greatness by the way

He treats little men.

Wherever there is a human being,

There is an opportunity for kindness.

Entry by Shemeer P t

CET (Alappuzha)

                The white rose

On a sacred eve, one moonlit winter;

I heard a whimper deep within my soul.

The heart of mine, struck by an arrow;

I tried to pull it but deeper it went.

Like a pen through a journal;

It wrote a sweet sonnet deep in mine soul.

My soul being an infant, untouched by the world.

Smiled in glee knowing first love.

Heart is all sacred, but it beats on its thoughts.

Like a child fascinated, I reached for that Rose;

Not knowing the thorns.

My heart bled at first ;

But my soul pained much more.

By that red ink I drew my sorrows;

Though its in canvas, I felt it in my bones.

If time could grant me one little wish;

An ale of oblivion I would ask.

My heart is of now stone, cold and cynic.

I learnt of a lesson, a message from life;

Roses for some but thorns for most.

Treacherous pluck but the kind bleed;

Only to feed the sands of time.

Entry by Khanak Gupta

Lakshmibai College (Delhi)

                                       नारी सशक्तिकण

बरसो पहले से चलता आ रहा ये दौर,

अब भी स्त्री को नहीं मिली है हिस्सेदारी लेनी की मौहौर..!

कहना है मेरा, स्त्री को मिलना चाहिए आगे बड़ने का मौका,

इससे बह जाएगी पानी मे लड़की के साथ हुए भेद भाव की नौका..!

कर रही है कुछ लड़कियां देश का नाम रोशन,

कामना है मेरी, जल्दी से वह दिन आए जब हर लड़की के कामयाब होने पर बने जशन..!

बंद जाए हथकड़ियां उन हाथों पर जो आज भी लड़कियों पर लगा रहे है रोक टोक,

जिससे हर लड़की पूरे कर पाए अपने सारे शौक..!

ना जाने कब लड़कियां घूमेंगी बेखौफ और बेडर,

और इस बात का डंका पिट जाएगा डगर डगर..!

क्यू गांवों मे लड़कियों को पड़ने का नहीं है अधिकार,

ठाना है मैने, बनाना है पढ़ा लिखा के उन्हें ज़िम्मेदार.!

यही आशा है जल्दी से खत्म हो भेदभाव की ये दरार,

और हर स्त्री का सम्मान रहे बरकरार..!

                                                                            By Khanak Gupta

Entry by Shivangi Agarwal

Prasanna School Of Public health (Manipal)

TOPIC- Social Injustice & inequality

Based on Aligarh movie, it is a poetic representation of late Dr. Ramchandra Siras having a conversation with Deepu Sebastian, the journalist who established a teacher-student relationship with the former. As he is no more, he explains his life for a book on LGBTQ+ rights and how things have changed since then.


Dr. Siras – As I look back at my life, so poetic and dime

But, I also lived a part of ignorance and crime

Deepu-  Your honesty and love was too much for this political world

They invaded your privacy and chattered about their moral conduct

Dr. Siras- Things were different for a rural cage

Ignorance and social isolation were the mains

Humiliation on our identity and life were served

Can my feelings be woven into their three words?

Deepu-  It was never your fault

You were chained by the stereotypes of all

Privacy and dignity was severely hampered

With your right to life of dignity being murdered

Dr. Siras- Loneliness crept at my later stage

I longed for warmth and love

We both met and lived above

How our sexual orientation has to do with our moral conduct

Deepu-  LGBTQ+ has never been people interest

They are disowned, converted, and raped

For a problem that doesn’t even exist.

Dr. Siras- What about the poor man

They end their life under the societal ban

Physical and mental issues came along

For just being different from all

Deepu- For the majority of people in rural areas

They are sexually exploited and consumed

With no sources of employment and livelihood

Dr. Siras- Even when it’s unconstitutional to deprive us of the light

How could society call it their personal right?

I hope they live a life of dignity and respect

With bridging the gap between them!

I still doubt about my last breath

Was it a suicide or a planned death?

Entry by Jemi Pearce

Womens Christian College (Chennai)


She is rude

She has attitude

She rarely smiles

She ignores me often

In total, she lacks character

I thought.

I judged her

I told she doesn’t know to respect

I’m elder than her

But she never called me “Akka”

I always think big love happens in small moments

It’s time to prove it- today.

I lost my phone

She followed me to find it

I panicked

She consoled me

I ran

She ran with me

My heart troubled

She gave me hope

I found my phone


Yeah! We found my phone and I found her kindness

I thanked her

She replied,” it’s okay, Akka”.

I have attitude

I rarely smiled at her

I ignored her often

I lacked character

But her kindness found my rudeness, as well

Everyone is kind but sometimes it’s hidden

For me, she is one of the kindest people – I knew in my Life.

Entry by Meenal Shirod

Psph (Udupi )

Entry by Dhruvee Patel

Nirma University (Ahmedabad )

Everyone wants to celebrate for every silly things,

But no one wants to talk about menstrual hygiene;

     Its the thinking of our society!

No one can't see the blooded finger only,

But everyone can notice blood stain on her clothes only;

     Its the thinking of our society!

Everyone wil do bulshit about her blood stained clothes,

But no one can call her to cover her clothes;

     Its the thinking of our society!

Everyone will ready to pay some fine & break the rules of traffic,

But no one will ready to fight for her break the periods relatedmyths;

     Its the thinking of our society!

Tobacco can selling openly,

But Senitory pad is selling in black polythene only;

     Its the thinking of our society!

Lady has to be only live at home,

But in 5 days she can't survive normally in home;

      Its the thinking of our society!

But we should overcome all of this things...

This should be the thinking of our humanity...

     It should be the thinking of our humanity....


                                                               -Dhruvee Patel

Entry by Tausif Ahmed Sayed

AcSIR (Bijapur)

Submission under Social Injustice And Inequality

Sex Selection Drugs (Magic Pills)

By: Tausif Ahmed Sayed

She was carrying his love

Her womb was paining,

Yet she smiled and got excited,

Thinking about her husband's love

Her husband wanted a baby boy

But she was helpless and innocent

She was told to deliver a baby boy,

Otherwise, she has to face the consequences

She told, it is not under her control

Her in-laws bought some magic pills,

Forced her to take those magic pills

She refused but was left with no options

She took those magic pills,

Under the pressure of her in-laws

She took those magic pills,

Just to keep herself alive

She took and she got the pain,

She fainted and got some disease

She bore the pain and the torture,

However, she managed the situation

Yet she delivered a baby girl,

A baby girl who was very weak

A baby girl with some genetic disorders,

Who started fighting right from the birth

In-laws shouted and scolded her,

"You're unlucky and ill-omened"

That was the prize she received,

After delivering a baby girl

Whose mistake it was,

Those magic pills, or her womb

It is all about the genetic probability,

She has nothing to do with the gender

The doctor called her in-laws,

Explained the facts about magic pills

No pills can change the gender,

That baby girl got side effects

She was respected then onwards,

Baby girl cured and taken care of

She made her baby a social activist,

To raise awareness against those magic pills




Sitting under the moonlight,

Looking at my reflection in the river,

I saw the place where I was born.

The place where people are two-sided,

The place where people are heartless,

The land where humanity is lost.

I sighed,

As I realized how much I hated this place.

The place where innocent children are murdered,

The place where girls are buried alive at birth,

The place where shadows of cruelty exist.

Is there any place away from here,

Where there is no hatred, no enmity?

Is there a place I can go to,

Where everyone gets treated equally,

Where love rules their hearts?

I sat there

Lost in deep thought,

When a sudden noise behind me

Brought me back to reality.

As I saw people running about,

I realized tonight the moon would be a witness once again,

To the atrocities of humans.

Two lovers would be hanged together,

They had dared to love someone from a different religion.

I looked up at the moon and sighed.

Something so beautiful,

Had to look down upon a world,

Full of darkness and despair.

Yet I still had hope,

However tiny it might be.

I still believed that the world had a beautiful soul,

Buried deep within.

~ Bidisha Basu

Entry by Evangelin Saral

Shrimati Devkunvar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College For Women (Chennai)

Worlds become one when we sleep

Boots on the ground

will not make sound.

Iron butterflies

Stop flying around.

Borders cannot be found

on this day.

Eyes of rules gound

Healing from wound

will come.

Ares hound

His lips wide from frowned.

These I saw

I realised I slept sound

dreams abound

opened my eyes

Waiting for to the day to come.


Evangelin Saral

Entry by prachi patil


From Emotions to Eroticism:-

A long way back, some uncountable years ago, there was a time that gave us a definition of pure love. But with time, the real distinction altered and now it has been extinct. We all have heard and know well about "Shiv-Parvati" & "Radha-Krishna", two of the greatest and purest love stories of all time.

Parvati Ji was strongly determined to marry Mahadev but Mahadev was not agreed to it. Even after the rejection, she did penance for more than lacs of years. Her this dedication was the thing that melted Mahadev and he finally married her.

Lord Krishna's wife is Rukmini but yet we call his name along with Radha only always. Throughout her entire life, she worshipped only one person whom she loved but never become his wife yet she never looked up to anyone and in the end, she got absorbed in Krishna and remained his forever.

These two forever love stories tell us how one can wait for a particular person for that many years, how one can be dedicated towards a single person only forever. Both these love stories are filled with emotional touches, dedication, waiting, purity, modesty, loyalty, penance and etc etc etc...

There are some stories too where two people fall apart, failed to meet but remain alive in the heart of everyone and become the examples of pure and true love. Romio-Juliete, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal and many more. Their love is still alive in the heart of those who have loved someone madly.

What nowadays then? All these stories and bondings have remained just stories. Now, in maximum cases, it's not loyalty and honesty that one looks for in others. What they look up to is external beauty. They no way cares about feelings and all, what they want is just a "one-night stand" with various. At a time, the amount of devotion of one for another was the costliest and precious thing and it has been replaced by the amount of money. The size that mattered most at that time was of heart and loyalty, but now it is of private parts of both the people. Dedication is still there but not in the heart but in each other's bodies. The most important thing now is the duration of sexual survival of one on the bed. The longer the survival is, the longer the loyalty is, the shorter the survival is, loyalty is nil.

Yes, it's completely agreeable that no one has the right to question anyone on how they define love. The personal life and decisions of whatever they do must be personal and no one can interfere with that but it is also agreeable that love is no more the same as it was some uncountable years ago. Its definition varies and changes with the people's way of thinking about it.

Entry by Kalyani S

Sree Narayana Institute Of Medical Science (Kochi)


The enormous fiery bounty shines so fine

Overthrown by the smoky embellishment

Field and farms turn so dark

Silencing the hustle of infantile

 The gait of zephyr triggers the poet

Like the monarch of romance

Trees bow with high honour

the emerald green fields

reveres the mild blow

The amicable amphibian cries aloud-the call for rain

as the prime drop descends to the

 heart as hearth of earth and man

Triggering the dead spirits

Rejuvenating the life within

Sprouting the seeds of nostalgia

 Gathers the man to his juvenile moments

When he relished so deep.

Years elapsed;days fallen by

The heart of his sees the

wild play of nature's plenty

through the oriel of his room

in he spends his delirious days

like a lamented lamp

engrossed in a claustrophobic life

The war done way too much

But O' Lord his mighty mind

still embedded in the hands of youth

enjoys the embellishment-RAIN

To fill his content

Lives so young in his deep inside

The once a warrior inside

For everyone who left me alone

Thanking lord that still he could

enjoy the drizzling downpour and

feel the beautification of


"Flowers of gratitude,my Jesus

B'cause you gifted my room with an oriel."


Entry by Pragati Khanna

Symbiosis Medical College for Women (Pune)


                       - Pragati Khanna

Where curiosity fuels ambition

Where questions wrestle fate

Where peace is the mission

Where love triumphs over hate

Where the mind doesn't think twice

Before doing what is right

Where all men are pretty wise

And hold onto their promises tight

Where everybody is a free bird

Where everybody keeps their word

Where sad and gloom don't have a room

Where happiness and joy blooms 

This is where I want to be

Where all good things are wild and free.

Entry by Priyanka Kadam

Pune University (Pune)


मैं सपना देखती हूं, एक ऐसे स्वर्ग का...

जहा कोई द्वेष नहीं

कोई मोह - माया नही

कोई पाप फरेब नही

कोई विषमता नही

मैं सपना देखती हू की

ये पूरा संसार डूब जाए प्यार के अखंड सागर में

नफरत की बूंद भी ना गिरे

बस सब चाहे एक दूसरे की मुस्कुराहटे

मैं सपना देखती हूं...

ना सोए कोई जीव खाली पेट

और न तरसे जल की एक बूंद के लिए

जाड़े की रात में ठिठुरते तन मेरे मन को जलाते है

क्यो न हम सब मिलकर उनको अपना घर दिला दे

मैं सपना देखती हूं...

क्यू कोई नाले के पास झोपड़ी में रहता है

और कोई हवाई महल में...

क्यों ना हम मिल- जुलकर मिट्टी पर ही रहे

मैं सपना देखती हूं...

बस की खिड़की पे भीख मांगते सुर्खियों वाले हात,

और सिग्नल पे गजरा बेचने वाली बरबाद हो रही नन्ही जिंदगीया,

मेरे आंखों और मस्तिष्क को सुन्न कर देते है

क्यू ना धन को सबमें बांट दे हम

मैं सोचती हूं...

मैं क्यूं सिर्फ सपना ही देखती हूं,

क्या मनुष्य स्वार्थी हो रहा है... या हो गया है

क्यों बटे है हम धर्म और जाती के नाम पे

क्यों ना धरती पर एक ही धर्म रह जाए,वह कर्म का है

वह मानवता है...

Entry by Neha Reddy

Kasturba medical college Manipal (Manipal )

Phénix de ses cendres

The world is burning to ashes,

All that can be seen are clashes.

Flecks of dirt cloud your eyes,

Or so you say to escape the lies.

Lies that your world is built upon,

Lies that have brought you to your crown.

But that crown is only yours to see

What about the millions trying to flee.

The crown shines with its true worth,

If only it's placed on a worthy soul;

Not one whose antics are foul to the core.

No phoenix will rise this time,

From the ashes that aren't even worth a dime.

~ Neha

Entry by Gigi Jose

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Kerala)


Dream like you will never die .

Past proved that dreams

can even hold a weak life live

The magical power of dreams comes from the eternal source.

Rather than man building a dream,Dreams are building a man

Dreams aren't earthly

Hence it expresses unimaginable things . Dreams aren't manual,

Hence it seems to be unbelievable...

Dream, Dream, Dream

Never say Dreams are just Dreams, But it is tomorrow's reality.

It can be tomorrows History ,

if it is so determined, powerful and strong

For the rich, poors are still a question mark?

Rich asks... How can a person live like that?

But Poors are holded by their Dreams.

Poors are richer than the rich in their dreams..

All the amazing humanmade wonders were

at first a dream..a dream which they believed... one day definitely it will come true:

Hence it is now Fabulous.

Entry by Martin Lalpekhlua Blah

St. Anthony's College (Shillong)

Topic- Humanity and Kindness


The man sipping black coffee with languor

mindlessly reads volumes of Kant

whilst forgoing his sanguine mother

fixates on lucrative deeds alone

The forlorn lover with light green tea

numbs her pain with superficiality

desperately clings to the hope of

a delirium search for her one true one

The cynical man in his dark dusty room

chugging his third can of kingfisher

comments on every thread online

excuses his way going forth life

The revolutionary lives with his parents

ploughs through pages of Bakunin with wine

torpid to do any real true work but

speaks of communism, bourgeois and inequality

The prole tills by the granary

Has no wine nor lover, no Darwin

nor Karl Marx, but is sate as

the child he helped thanked him that day

Entry by Sameer Ranjan Sarmah

Gauhati Commerce College (Jorhat)

Humanity is dead

This place was once God’s pious station.

Humanity is the song we sing to him.

The leaves praise him with a peaceful African breeze, the breeze of our God.

The children of our mother earth were not left out of the feeling that planted oneness in the minds of the *******. Stone, that was what their minds were known for.

Life was then a simple sphere but now complicated and shapeless.

Life was then soft like an unwithered breast but now a

granite. Then hearts were glaring but now, Africa and their black hearts.

See them,

They are crucifying humanity in the house of our God.

They are crucifying humanity in the court of law.

They are crucifying humanity on the matrimonial beds.

They are crucifying humanity on the aisle of power.

They are crucifying humanity for legal tenders.

They are crucifying humanity to be a god.

They are crucifying humanity in the struggle of religion.

They are crucifying humanity to calm the raging stomach.

They are crucifying humanity for thrones.

They are crucifying humanity in front of humanity.

They are crucifying humanity everywhere.

Now humanity is on the verge of death.

See them as they are whipping him.

See his skin as it swells to burst.

They are punching him, they want to punch him to


Can you see those barbarians as they merry with the melody of crucifixion? Humanity is their scapegoat.

Humanity is dead in theirs

but it is still alive in your heart,

It is still alive in your words.

Humanity must be alive in our home.

Entry by Arushi Khare



Love and healing

To all the beautiful souls breathing

Solutions to our problems, we're searching

Forever seeking meaning

Our pains, never ending

But lets keep believing

One day we'll be smiling

Biding adieu to our sufferings

Till then just keep breathing !

Till then just keep breathing !

Entry by Della Dixon

Vimala college (Thrissur)


Broken and mangled pieces of the past

Dark and smoky smells of the air

Now I see.. there was a mast

All of those happenings weren't fair.

Screeching of the voices has ended

All those remains have faded

Couldn't find my abode of comfort

And I do not seek those days anymore.

Bloody hands bit me adieu

Held me close and later loose.

Red blossoms are growing bright

Blooming right in my heart.

Lost in the thoughts

Washing those harrowing images

Striding on the red earth, I believe that

Days of hatred belong to the past.

Entry by Jill Shah

Symbiosis Institute of Health Science (Ahmedabad )

Environment and I

World is almighty 

But we are not !!

We are safe in this beauty ?

But Mother Earth is not !!

Dumped of such negativity ….

Never towards ray of hope !!

Why are we so much intrinsic ?

Always being dramatic and so fake !!

These beautiful mountains,

Giving us warmth and good breeze...

These forests gives us peace...

These noisy river ,

Soothe  ears !!

But why don’t we care of this peer ?

Earth has given us birth ..

Now our time to rejuvenate mother earth !!

Poetry by • Jill शाह •

Entry by Vijayashree Ramganesh

Stella Maris College (Chennai )


                         - Vijayashree Ramganesh

[ This poem is from the Mother Earth's perspective....This poem is a conversation between  Mother Earth and Peace. She tells about all the blues and woes she undergoes and wants peace to be with her!! ]

Fever dream high in the quick of the oiche;

Slowly dying; peace no longer found!

Chaos and kalon intertwined;

Would it be enough if you never give me surseance?

Atol amour propre;

Kalopsia of saoirse and suaimhneas;

Louring with paranoia!

Maybe you're a lacuna of the

book named "Life"!?

Throes of battle maundering through;

Boon and bane in tandem!

Feigning smiles with fortitude!?

Nostalgia for the future;

Folks playing God!!

Hedonistic people; fey lives!

Colliding minds; building arts;

It's the vertigo of freedom!

Blew things out of proportion;

And now Serenity's my Vendetta!!??

Beatitude bestowed upon;

With hypocrites and ultracrepidarians!

They say the end is near;

But we can patch it up good;

Making confessions and begging forgiveness!!

Running through rosethorns;

Help me hold on to you!

All the king's horses; all the king's men,

Couldn't put me together again!

Eirene in arcane aisling!?

Time turning flames to embers!

Oh what a shame!

Nothing's gonna save them from the fallout;

Left themselves in their war path;

Lost their balance on a tightrope;

Lost their mind; tryna get it back!

They say, "Amor vincit omnia

in perpetuum et unum diem"

Could've followed my fears!

Go gone Sacre Bleu of tranquility!

Still tryna get you!!

Before I learned civility I used to

scream ferociously anytime I wanted!!

Took their words for what they are;

a dwindling mercurial high, a drug but only

worked in first few hundred years!

Look at this forsaken idiot they made me!

Beleaguered; dreaming of seraphic epiphany!

Now I breathe flames each time I talk;

My cannons firing at their yacht!

Never had the convictions as long as danger is near!?

People are people and sometimes it doesn't work out!

In my defense I have none!

They gather; line up: weeping in a sunlit room

Begging for peace!!

And I get mystified by how cities scream your name!

And I'm so terrified of if you ever walk away!

I know heaven's a draiocht!

Hell is when I fight with you!!

Sacred new beginnings;

Religion's in your lips;

Even if it's a false God;

Now all I want is you,

"My dear, Peace"

Entry by Sayantani Ghosh

St. Xavier's College (Kolkata)

_A Box Of Love_

Warning : "Injurious to Health"

I wish love came at my doorstep

wrapped in a box,

displaying a warning: 'injurious to health'

just like a packet of cigarettes,

causing a disease that is curable,

just like cancer.

So that I would have been previously aware,

of the hazardous consequences

of unwrapping the box,

leading to an explosion;

Of the pains to be endured,

of the heartbreaks to be sustained,

of the memories to be engulfed.

An explosion,

that can burn one to ashes,

leaving behind fragments.

I wish love had cautioned me against

the repercussions of loving

and how the consumption of love,

can be so utterly destructive.

So that I would have been

awakened to the consciousness,

of how falling in love is equivalent to puffing a cigarette.

Either of it kills you in the end.

Entry by Vidhi S

Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi)

Humanity- our long lost legacy.

Less than a million years from now, came on Earth an extraordinary race

Coined the Homo sapiens, with unparalleled wisdom and grace

Ne'er had there been anyone like us, we had been created for a reason

How come we lose our path, to cruelty, bloodshed and treason

You call it 'humanity', look what humans have done

Destroyed the planet, your hands stained with your own blood

How come you don't shake, cutting down trees that give you life

The girl you laid hands on, was someone's daughter, someone's wife

We were created as one, you divided us into religion, caste and creed

So how shall you deny this, the history's witness of your demonic deeds

You abandon them, the hands that raise you

Forgotten to be a human, look there's someone to teach you!

Dated June 2005 in Ethiopia, three lions save a girl from kidnappers

In 2012, Oxford, Ohio, deer chases away woman's attackers

Sea lion saves a Californian man, who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge

In New Zealand, dolphins protect snorkeler from a big shark fish

Toddler who fell into an enclosure in Illinois, saved by a gorilla

Rabbit thumps owner's chest in UK, to rescue him from diabetic coma

Yet we call them 'wild', such a shame on us!

Where massacres are called 'humans', a world full of curse

She was a human too, Mother Teresa- the pioneer of peace

Charity, compassion, kindness, powers we need to unleash

And hew out of mountain of despair, a stone of hope

For the rising death, disease and destruction, we can no longer cope

And once we have set out, there's no turning around

As there comes light, only after darkness surrounds.



Entry by Pankaj Kumar S S

Govt. Medical College Thiruvananthapuram (Thiruvananthapuram)

Social Injustice and Inequality


By Pankaj Kumar S S

The realm of mighty humans

Surrendered to a virus

And the world shut down.

The mightier ones panicked

Hoarded all they could.

They made coffees so fancy

Baked cakes so tasty

And trended all in tags.

In comfort, they relaxed.

Outside the world of trends, in

The outskirts of this classy realm

Dwells the less mightier,

Or what might they have

Except to hold on to their lives.

Their world did not stop

But became doomed.

They peddled to their roots

As the mirage of cities

Failed to feed them now.

Struck by hunger they moved

Some fell, some left forever.

They had no comfort

Neither any secure homes.

No savings to rely upon.

The world did shut it's eyes as they

Silently crawled by the boundaries.

Entry by Fatema Lokhandwala

Stella Maris College (Chennai)


Ask yourself,

While you stand staring at your reflection 

What do you see? 

Do you stare back at the wrongs you have done,

Or the rights you claim 

You keep justifying all that you did.


When she acts that way

She is bad tempered,

But when you do, it’s nerves.

When she is set in her ways

She is obstinate

But when you are, it’s firmness.

When she doesn’t like your friend

She is prejudiced

But when you don’t like her’s, you are a better judge of character.

When she spends her money

She is a spendthrift

But when you do it, you are generous.

When she dresses well

She’s putting on airs

But when you do it, it’s class.

When she says what she thinks

She is spiteful

But when you do it, you are being frank.

She acts a certain way,

Dresses as she pleases

And wears her heart on her sleeve,

Yes she makes mistakes, falls and gets up on her own

She battles with her fears and hides her scars

She has a mask for every morning she wakes 

But all you see is the hollow shell that you are

Filled with nothing but preconceived notions of what she 

Should be, can be and must be.

Look through the mirror again,

And ask yourself

Ask again,

What do you see?

Entry by Parvathy Gopal

Cet school of management (Thiruvananthapuram )

Entry by Nandhini P