FAQ for NGO partners

1. Who can qualify as a charity partner?

If you are a registered NGO with a valid GuideStar number(GSN) and certified with Transparency Key/ Silver/Gold/ Platinum Seal, you can register to be a charity partner for YuFest.

2. How does a charity partner benefit from YuFest?

When you register as a charity partner for YuFest

  • You will get listed on the website as our Charity Partner, and your name will appear as an option when students are choosing which NGO they would like to contribute to, as a participation donation for each event.

  • You will get a referral link that you can share with your network. All donations made by anyone who registers with your referral link will go only to your NGO.

3. What will be the average donation size?

This event is being run on a Gift Model, so students can donate as much as they are willing to, to participate. It can be anything from 0 upwards.

4. Who should you issue the 80G receipt to?

We will not be issuing any 80G receipts for these donations, these will be general unrestricted funds for your NGO.

5. What donor details will your NGO get?

We will share the name, mobile number, email id and amount of donation made to your NGO, for each donor

6. Can we be a charity partner if my NGO does not have 80G/cannot issue an 80G receipt?

Yes, you can still be a charity partner.

7. How do we register as a charity partner in YuFest?

Please fill out the details at https://yufest.daanutsav.org/ngo-registration. Once your application is approved, your NGO will be added as a charity partner.

8. Is there a minimum number of registrations required from a charity partner?

For suitable partnerships, we require you to get at least 20 registrations for YuFest, leading to a total donation of a minimum of Rs. 2,000/-. Funds will be disbursed by October 31, 2021 for all charities meeting these conditions during Daan Utsav 2021